May Fitness

Join us this May for a month of online fitness & dance classes by professional instructors!

You can work out and have fun from the comfort of your own home, whilst raising money for children with special needs in the UK and Grenada.

From Tuesday 4th May, we have over 20 classes available to you on Zoom! From Zumba to core work, Street Dance to Yoga, we have it all. So join us, shape up, strut your stuff… and most importantly, have fun!

Meet the instructors

SitsofeAfro House Dance
An Afro-house dance class that is open to everyBODY. This fun and vivacious class will leave you feeling energised, upbeat, and full of sweaty self-love. This is more than just a class, it is an experience.

A high energy aerobic dance class. The music, freedom of movement and high energy pace will help to tone your body.

Leanne – Street Dance
Teaching modern moves with Hip Hop flavour. Suitable for those with some dance experience or those up for a challenge!

Tee – Body & Mind
A full body workout for all abilities designed to get you uplifted and rising followed by chilled stretches to have you feeling relaxed and centred.

Brian – Soca Fete, Core and more!
Soca Fete: A fun funky easy to follow soca dance workout; Core Workout: A work-out designed to strengthen tone and sculpt the body; Find it and Stretch it: mobilise and wake up your muscles, improving mobility and flexibility.

SippsAfrican Dance Fitness
Dance fitness for all ability levels. Each session includes a range of dance styles, moves and exercises executed to different genres of African Music.

Teaching Vinyasa yoga, a style characterised by stringing one asana to the next one with gradual difficulty. There is emphasis on breath and movement together with alignment. Different variations and alternatives are given to suit different levels.

ColletteGot the Funk
Fun aerobic classes set to 60s, 70s and 80s disco music which is bound to stimulate your endorphins. An energetic total body workout suitable for all ages and abilities.

AnnaSweat & Strength
Work up a sweat and get the heart pumping and muscles toning. Expect to leave the session feeling energised, strong and a little sweaty!

Join us for a relaxing, tranquil session to calm the body and mind after a busy week.

About the sessions
  • Each class costs £5. If you book 3 or more classes, you can get another classes FREE!
  • Each class is 45-50 minutes long (including a warm-up and cool down) unless stated otherwise.
  • Please sign-in to the Zoom session at least 5 minutes before the start time as you may not be admitted if you are late
  • During the class, please put yourself on mute, to avoid any feedback or disturbance
  • Your teachers are professionals, so please follow their social media pages and/or websites to support them!

What you need

There are classes for all levels of fitness (just do your best) but there are a few things you need to keep yourself safe, comfortable and to get the most out of the classes. Please have:

  • Stable internet connection and access to Zoom
  • A towel
  • A bottle of water
  • A clear space to move around in (remove all trip hazards)
  • Resistance bands and weights are optional
  • Comfortable non-restrictive clothing
  • Appropriate footwear
  • A smile!
  • If you have any medical conditions we would advise that you speak to a health professional before taking part

Book your sessions…

Choose your session(s)

Please make a note of the classes you have chosen.

Once you submit your form, you will be directed to our donation page. Please pay the above amount via bank transfer or PayPal as soon as possible to confirm your space. Payments are non-refundable and valid for one person only. Once payment is received, your class link(s) will be emailed to you at least 24hours before the class starts.

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