Where your money goes

The money we collect from events and donations supports a variety of projects and activities at the St Andrew’s School for Special Education, Grenada and SEND organisations here in the UK.

Playground regeneration – 2022

In March 2022, we helped to give the school’s playground a much needed spruce. Now the pupils have a bright and stimulating play area.

From this….

to this …
Mrs Mirthlyn Raymond, headteacher of SASSE, walks us through the playground improvements
SASSE pupils enjoying their newly painted playground

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, Christmas had be celebrated sightly differently than usual for everyone. Rather than the usual ‘Sunshine in a Box’ we provided funds to The St. Andrew’s School for Special Education (SASSE) to enable the children and staff to be treated to lovely goody bags that were enjoyed by all.

Thank you for your donations which made this possible.

Bathroom and toilet refurbishment

The pupils’ bathroom was in a dire state and in desperate need of refurbishment to enable the pupils to have decent and accessible facilities. Seeing the urgent need, a generous builder in Grenada agreed to carry out the repair and decorative work ahead of payment. He and his team did a marvelous job and the pupils now have the bathroom facilities they deserve.

Your financial donations and money raised through our fundraising events goes first and foremost towards clearing this cost.

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

Art resources

The art resources helped the children to develop their creative and artistic and expression.

Cookery project

We help to provide the ingredients for the cookery programme which helps the pupils develop their independence and self-help skills.

Educational materials

Your generous donations of books and other educational materials are greatly welcomed by the school. Your financial donations are also needed to help us to transport these materials over to Grenada.

Ealing Mencap

We are pleased to support the fabulous work that Ealing Mencap does with children and adults with learning disabilities and look forward to future collaborations with them.

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